Burningman 2012

If you haven’t been, Burningman is a large, crazy and absolutely BLASTING OUT OF THE BOX art festival… easily the biggest of the our time and also perhaps in the history of the world.  It was my 7th year going and the experience hauled me through the heat and dust and mystery of this creative expression and BEAUTY EXPLOSION that happens every year in the Nevada desert.  There were some rough patches but in the end it was beyond what I could have hoped for.  Somehow, I had forgotten that I’m ALWAYS in my flow, even when I think I’m not!

Burningman is completely built and created by the sixty thousand participants in the middle of the isolated and barren desert.  Think survivalist meets inclusive open-minded artistic community meets Halloween meets DANCE PARTY meets adult playland and you get the most colorfully + joyfully expressed world exploding to life for one week every year.  It’s radical and totally unhinged. The scale of the art projects could not be held by any of the world’s largest museums… and some of the most beautiful ones, like the Temple of Juno, are ceremonially burned during the event.  It is an experiment in spontaneous community building that is based on sharing and collaboration and HAVING FUN, and this cauldron of PERSONAL FREEDOM catalyzes everyone to the core.

For me Burningman is the ultimate coming together of my life as a photographer and performer.  It was a balancing act, to survive in the desert conditions (and after 7 years I’m still in a tent!) and focus on taking (and uploading) photos as well as finish building my giant backpack puppets.  It all came together in the end, with the puppets ready for dancing action on Sunday morning and that same day my photography work was featured on Chase Jarvis’s blog, which was a huge honor.

I’m still dusting off some things from this year’s pilgrimage and here are a collection of my favorite photos from the adventure.  You can also check out  a larger set on facebook.  Have a great day!!

The Backpack Dancing Puppets I made!!  Thanks JayJay Kuo for rocking them with me:)

About Darren Miller

I am a photographer, performer and world traveler. My website is www.darrenmillerphoto.com


  1. These are just amazing, Darren. So proud to have been a fan of your work for so many years!

  2. Awesome! Super well done. So much fun, creativity, and expression captured here. Next year…

  3. sweet musings captured eloquently. some of these really make my feel like i’m there watching it unfold. so precious. what an amazing week. thank you

  4. Awesome photos Darren, missed you on the playa, it was my first Burn this year.

  5. Paula Mantel

    Stellar work ~ again ~ precious Darren! Thank you for sharing. : ) XOXO

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